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It looks like Whittier is not out of the woods just yet when it comes to COVID 19. In the last 30 days the Whittier Area added 1,516 new COVID 19 cases. Whittier 360 had paused its daily COVID watch so we could see how things look from a monthly perspective that is not available anywhere else.

However the data shows that the increases were not equal everywhere. The top 3 centers of COVID 19 spread in the Whittier Area continued be:

  1. Pico Rivera at 289

  2. City of Whittier at 267

  3. South Whittier at 25

La Habra came in 4th at 185 new COVID 19 infections over the 30 days period. September also saw a significant number of COVID 19 deaths. Last month the entire Whittier Area had a reported death number of 168 or a rate of 2.02%. The number of deaths has increased to 267 or a rate of 2.19%. That is an increase of .17% in the death rate. Over the last 30 days, slightly more people died from COVID than in the previous months.

The death stats for the top 3 COVID 19 centers were:

  1. Pico Rivera----10 new COVID 19 deaths. The raw numbers increased from 64 last month to 74 this month. The raw number represents the total for the entire year so far. The death ratio increased by .05 percentage points from 3% last month to 3.05% this month.

  2. City of Whittier---8 new COVID 19 deaths over the last 30 days. The city went from 26 deaths last month to 34 deaths as of today. The city, however, had the highest increase of the three. Last month its death ratio was 1.32% which increased to 1.52% this month, an increase of .2 percentage points.

  3. South Whittier- The unincorporated community was spared the worst case scenario when it received only 3 COVID 19 deaths last month. Last month the total deaths in South Whittier were 28. That increased to barely 31 today. That is not only thing going on for South Whittier. The data shows that South Whittier's death ratio has actually declined from 1.84% last month to 1.75% this month. That is a drop in the death ratio of .09% which is significant.

Below are the charts with the data we use for the analysis. Orange County is still not reporting per city testing numbers so our information for La Habra is limited.

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