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Assuming the Biden is confirmed by the legislatures as the next president and the Supreme Court upholds this, here are all the perks that President Trump will automatically get just for being President for one term.

  1. A permanent secret service assignment. Every former president is given an assignment of secret service officers because former presidents are still targets for violent extremists and foreign governments that want to kill them. Iran has said repeatedly it wants to kill Trump. This comes out of government coffers.

  2. A tax payer funded chauffeur. This is because former presidents are actually banned by law from driving themselves on public roadways or carrying their own luggage.

  3. National Security briefings. Every former president gets this and it will be no different for President Trump.

  4. He will also be getting the COVID 19 briefings.

  5. Trump will actually receive a lifetime pension just for being president for one term. The amount he will receive will be a little over $207,000 a year.

  6. Any speeches he gives will fetch him about $100,000 to $150,000 each.

  7. A tax payer funded library named after him that presents everything about his administration from his point of view.

  8. Any person who physically assaults him will go to prison for 20 years. Yep that's law. You are legally not allowed to strike a former president. It's classed as a federal felony.

  9. Immunity from prosecution for anything and everything they did while in office.

  10. Turns out its also a federal felony to stalk or dox a former president and or their family.

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