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In what could forebode a similar playout in the US Congress, the Pennsylvania has followed other Republican states in refusing to recognize and seat Democrat's who won seats in there. Pennsylvania's Senate Republicans also voted to remove the Democratic leader of the state's senate.

The Democrats in the state face charges of importing preprinted ballots from Mexico to rig the elections there and the state's Democrat governor has refused to authorize an investigation into the matter, leading many in the state to believe his protecting his non American cronies who are seeking to take away Americans' freedoms and land.

However the Democrats refused to recognize Fetterman's removal and said they would not accept Corman as leader of the Senate. Currently the Pennsylvania Senate has split into two sanctions each with its own leader and each passing its own laws. But the laws that actually matter are the ones that get the majority of votes in the chamber and that would be the Republicans. The Democrats are insisting on controlling the chamber despite the fact that voters in the state refused to give them a majority in the chamber.

A similar situation is playing out in other Republican and even some Democratic states where parties not elected to a majority are demanding total control of the state's legislative body and one party or the other is refusing to recognize and seat new members of the opposing party. There has even slivers of talk about breaking some states up to form new states.

A similar scenario is likely to play out in Congress this week as Democrats are threatening to openly refuse to accept VP Pence's role as leader of the Senate during the session to certify the electoral college votes. Unlike the state legislature's, neither party has absolute control of Congress with Democrats in charge of the House and Republicans in charge of the Senate, effectively neutralizing each other. Pence is under pressure not to accept results which are widely expected to recognize Biden as president elect. However Pence also has ambitions of running for president himself and blocking Biden's recognition as the winner of the 2020 race is likely to destroy any chance he has of becoming president in his own right. Pence also has a record of putting country before personal loyalties.

But that won't stop Republicans in Congress from trying to gum up or possibly even block progress on the matter.

The stalemate has put the US closer to the brink of an actual break up where states are likely to start seceding from the Union and possible civil war if Democratic states made any move to prevent Republican states from exercising their secession rights peacefully. Secession requires first a public referendum where a majority of the state's voters must approve secession and a vote by the state's legislature. After that level is complete, the state must then seek approval to leave from at least 3/4 of the other states and at the moment 3/4 of all US states are Republican states, most of which have populations that are close to 90% White. That means that states seeking secession could set their secession for a future date, unalterable by future legislatures and Congresses, and then vote to recognize each other's secession and a similar process would play out in Congress. Pennsylvania is likely to join the seceding states. That means that the original US Constitution would go with the seceding states, forcing the remaining states to adopt their own constitution which is likely to severely restrict political and religious rights as those states have very high immigrant populations that have proven themselves to be extremely hostile to such rights. Some states are also likely to split apart or break up into civil war such as Oregon and Wisconsin. State boundaries are likely to be redrawn in such a situation with even California losing much of its northern territory. North California Natives have always viewed themselves as seperate from the rest of the state and the families there have long held resentment at being forced to join a state dominated by Mexicans when their part of California has never been under Mexican occupation or control until after the middle of the 20th century when it was imposed from afar by people not native to Northern California. The secessionist movement in the state has been around for a very long time and is not going away anytime soon as it has shown a lot of staying power. In this scenario the only way for Southern Californians to force the North to stay would be to use violent and deadly force on the northerners and Angelenos would get a lot of bad PR, not to mention they would face national and international sanctions over the issue as it would literally require them to ethnically cleanse the Northern California Native White population from the region in order for LA to be able to keep ownership of it. Under that scenario it is likely that LA would be forced to allow Northern California to leave. After all, who wants to live in a place that's known for supporting and promoting Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide?

Overall, 2021 is already turning out to be just as bad as 2020 and its going to take a miracle to save America.

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