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The Washington Post is reporting this morning that the Arizona election audit which was contracted to Cyber Ninjas found that there was almost no fraud in the Arizona Presidential Election of 2020.

In fact, Cyber Ninjas in its final report on the matter is telling the Arizona Senate that Biden actually won by 360 more votes than official election officials had said he did.

The audit was funded by the state of Arizona and by private donors. The Democratic Party tried to use illegal methods to stop the audit and opponents of the audit had called for the homes of Arizona senators to be burned down in order to stop the audit from happening.

In total, BIden received 45,469 more votes than Trump in Maricopa County. Many of the private parties that donated money to keep the audit running had alleged that fraud had occurred. They had hoped the audit would prove them right about the fraud accusations. They will not be getting their money back and they will not be passing go.

However it did say that some ballots may have been improperly accepted, including some that did not meet any of the state's legal requirements, but the Cyber Ninjas reports says that would require a seperate investigative inquiry.

A spokesperson for Cyber Ninjas said they did not find massive voter fraud in the Arizona election review.

Former Trump is said to be calling for Cyber Ninjas to be fired and replaced with another company. Democrats had objected to the use of Cyber Ninjas including threatening lawsuits and abusing their Congressional powers to try and stifle the audit.

Other election experts objected because it was Cyber Ninjas' first foray into auditing elections. Those experts had claimed that Biden won by 1200 less votes than what the new Cyber Ninjas report actually found.

Trump has been trying to interfere in state elections, including the recent California Recall, since he left office in January. In the California Recall he claimed that fraud had occurred before a single vote had even been cast or mailed out. His attack on the integrity of the recall helped Newsom defeat the recall effort.

Outside interference from Trump had prompted further outsider interference from other Non Californians to support or oppose Newsom, including Congressional people from other states and even foreign delegates.

Despite this, Trump maintains a solid and unbreakable grip on voters in the majority of US states as well as on the Republican Party that can only be shaken by terming him out with a second term as President.

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