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A national poll carried out by Emerson College and published by Fivethirtyeight shows Trump leading Biden for the 2024 election by 3 points. The same poll shows Trump leading Sanders by 5 points. Other data puts Trump ahead of Vice President Harris by 15 points.

The poll comes as the House wrapped up its last public hearings for the summer as Democrats and anti Trump Republicans do everything they can to try and get Trump legally banned from returning to office. Polls show that most American voters view the hearings as a one sided sham. No one was allowed to speak in Trump's in favor and all the videos were just 2 to 3 second clips ripped out of context.

Overall most American voters blame Biden and his party for inflation and the scarcity of goods, including housing. A majority also oppose Bidens immigration policies.

The Democrats are trailing in the midterm polls. One donor came under fire this week when news broke her daughter invested in face mask companies while cowriting a study promoting face masks.

The Democrats that are leading their races are leading by very narrow margins with Democratic candidates safe only in Southern California.

The poll was taken July 19 to July 20. For the Republican primary, all the Fivethirtyeight polls show Trump beating De Santis and Pence.

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