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According to the site FiveThirtyEight these are the states that are likely to flip control of the House and US Senate to Republicans in 2022.

  1. New Mexico. Last year New Mexico had at least 3 Democrat majority districts and no Republican majority districts over the last 40 years. This year, the Democrats have been reduced to just one Democrat majority district in the state. While redistricting has not produced a single Republican majority district, the fact that the Democrats who control redistricting in the state were only able to produce one Democrat majority district in their own state demonstrates just how vulnerable New Mexico's Democrats are going into 2022. There was major shift in party registration throughout the state in Hispanic Communities following social justice activists destruction of statues and memorials of historic figures of importance to the state's native Hispanic communities. The extremist activity of some BLM and other racial justice activists and the endorsement of their violent extremism by the Democratic Party in the state have pushed half the state's Hispanics to change party affiliation to the Republican Party.

  2. Kansas- Once a solid Republican stronghold, the GOP was unable to produce any Republican majority districts this year. And we saw this in 3 other states as well.

  3. Missouri

  4. Kentucky

  5. Louisiana

  6. Iowa- Iowa has been solid Republican for decades but in 2022, half the state has gone into toss up status according to FiveThirtyEight and the Democrats are now in more competitive position in Iowa.

  7. Connecticut. A solid blue Democrat state for more than 50 years and one of hte nation's original 13 states, the state is now a toss up for the first time in more than half a decade with Republican odds in the state greatly improving with millions of state residents changing party affiliation to Republican over the course of 2021.

  8. New Jersey- Though it has had Republican governor or two, New Jersey like California has long been a Democrat safe seat state. But this year that has changed as residents in the northwestern part of the state changed their party affiliation to Republican.

  9. Virginia- Though the state only has toss up district in state where the majority of districts are Republican, the toss up district covers the most populated part of the next two states as it does for the next state on this list.

  10. North Carolina.

  11. Nevada

  12. Oregon- the states toss up districts are in the state's most heavily populated area.

These are the 12 states to watch in 2022 because they are ones that will decide the future of the Union in the 2022 midterms.

In the meantime, in Arizona, the Democrat's have literally lost two districts to the Republicans in the latest round of redistricting in that state after locals found themselves censored by social media companies, social justice activists, and others who were involved in a deliberate cover up of ballot stuffing in the state. Polls showed most people in the redrawn districts supported the state legislature's efforts to investigate voting irregularities in the state in spite the investigation not finding anything and the fact that so many establishment figures who support the destruction of America being extremely opposed to it. The opposition of some local officials and the state's Democratic Party has led many people in the state to switch from Democrat to Republican.

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