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This has been a typical claim made by California Democrats for years except those when they lose. Whittier 360 rates the claim FALSE.

Voter fraud includes not only people voting illegally but also tampering with ballots.

Just a week ago an official state sanctioned ballot drop off box in Los Angeles County was set on fire destroying many of the ballots inside.

According to the Election Integrity Project California there were 16 incidents of people who who voted twice and whose votes were twice counted. The group said that about 50,000 dead people in LA County received ballots according to the relatives of the deceased. While that might seem like a lot it is actually small compared to the tens of millions who are registered to vote but in tight elections those 50,000 can swing the election one way or the other.

In some cases, people complained about getting ballots either for former tenants or for people who never lived at that address to begin with.

Over 320,000 people said they had received two ballots even though they never requested a second one.

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