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There is now enough data to say with certainty that the current surge began just a week after massive numbers of people chose to vote in person instead of by mail or drop box.

According to Whittier 360's proprietary COVID 19 trends graph, the first movement upward in COVID 19 cases in the Whittier Area was on exactly November 10. That would have been exactly 7 days or 1 week after the election. Post election there have been protests and counter protests as American argued over the validity of the election results rather than simply waiting for the state to certify the winners of their elections. These events played a bigger role in the current surge than church services or in person dining. The in person voting was the result President Trump irresponsibly putting his reelection and public image ahead of making voting as safe as possible. After all he did tell people not to trust the mail in ballot process and this was exacerbated by changes at the post office that had been underway since the start of the Obama administration. So while Trump gets credit for the vaccines he also gets credit for causing the current surge and any deaths that result from it. He would have won if not for 1. Chinese interference in the election and 2. His failure to put the safety of voters first.

There is however that the gathering held on Thanksgiving could exacerbate the issue and some are asking the state to ban Christmas. But that is not happening. In fact the surge was already in full effect when Thanksgiving arrived as you can see in the COVID Trending Graph. Thanksgiving was on November 26th but the spike began at least a week before Thanksgiving which provides further evidence that todays surge is the direct result of in person voting on election day and the following protests and counter protests. This means that contrary propaganda to the contrary, Thanksgiving gatherings did not cause the current surge. However carelessness on that American holiday may be exacerbating the surge but we are not yet seeing that in the data which actually refutes the claim that Thanksgiving caused the current spike.

The FDA will be meeting soon to vote on whether or not to approve the multiple Trump vaccines for COVID 19 most of which were produced from Trump's Operation Warp Speed funds. The President has railed against the FDA for slowing down the process while the British NIH was able to get the Operation Warp Speed vaccines approved in a matter of days. While Trump may be concerned that the lack of timeliness on the part of the hugely outdated FDA may be hurting his opportunity to take credit for the vaccines, his role in insisting that a vaccine be developed in less than year has borne fruit and now other countries are rushing to approve America's Operation Warp Speed vaccines for their own citizens with the UK being only the first. The UK is still 5 years away from creating its own COVID 19 vaccine. The only other country to have developed a "vaccine" has been Russia with its Sputnik V vaccine. It is believed the American vaccines are more effective however.

There are still people who not only refuse to recognize or accept the fact that Trump played a significant role in the development of the vaccine but who are also calling for the suspension of the US Constitution, saying that life is more important than freedom and rights. Such an attitude or point of view would actually mark such people as non Americans because Real Americans put freedom before life and this most of American of sentiments was said in simple terms by Patrick Henry when he said, "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death." Then again it could be that many of the immigrants who want to give up freedom in order to live another day still have much to learn about what it means to be American because if they did, they would know that freedom and rights are more important to Real Americans than life itself. The Henry phrase is not just some cliché that we use for advertisements or political campaigns, it is something that those of us who are the Real Americans actually live by.

It does not help their cause that those who seek to abolish or restrict rights in the name of life often belittle, talk down to, and condescend those who believe that freedom is more important and more precious than life itself. Many of those tend to respond to any defense of the Rights over Life position by too often trash talking Americans and trash talking the United States.

In the meantime, the data directly contradicts the county's false claims that restaurants and other business and even church services are responsible for the current surge.

There were a total of 270 new cases in the Whittier Area and zero deaths.

The top 5 daily new cases for Wednesday December 2 2020:

  1. City of Whittier- 70 new cases

  2. South Whittier- 46 new cases

  3. Pico Rivera- 43 new cases

  4. La Mirada- 28 new cases

  5. Hacienda Heights- 21 new cases

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