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The number of new COVID 19 cases continues to drop in Whittier as for the second day in a row more than half of the Whittier Area had zero new COVID 19 sick cases and the entire Whittier Area had no COVID 19 deaths.

In South Whittier, the number of new cases went above 10 after going below that number in recent days.

The 5 communities with the highest number of new COVID 19 sick cases today are:

  1. South Whittier- 15

  2. City of Whittier- 10

  3. Pico Rivera - 6

  4. La Habra - 4

  5. West Whittier/Los Nietos - 3

  6. Santa Fe Springs - 3

There were zero deaths today.

Altogether the number of total new COVID 19 cases dropped below 50, to 45, for the first time since the pandemic arrived in the Whittier Area.

The number of predicted deaths which at one point had reached 72,000 at the height of the pandemic has dropped to just 778.

Looking at the annual numbers we see that 13,036 people in the Whittier Area had a case of COVID 19 illness at some point in the last year and 280 Whittier Area residents have died from COVID 19 at different points during the last year.

Those numbers work out to an average of 1630 new cases each month and 35 deaths per month.

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