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For the first time since the height of the COVID 19 pandemic, the daily number of new COVID 19 cases dropped below 10 in the City of Whittier, reaching as a low as 5.

But the news is not all good however as the city also lost a resident to the disease today.

The only community with more than 10 new cases was South Whittier with 14.

The 5 communities with the highest number of new COVID 19 cases were:

  1. South Whittier - 14

  2. West Whittier/Los Nietos - 6

  3. Pico Rivera - 6

  4. City of Whittier - 5

  5. Hacienda Heights - 4

You can see from the list of the top 5 that there is a huge discrepancy between South Whittier and the rest of the Whittier Area.

There were a total of 3 COVID 19 deaths in the Whittier Area today. One death was in the City of Whittier and another was in South Whittier. The third death was in the City of La Mirada which had zero new cases today.

Altogether there were 49 new cases today, marking the first time Whittier Area's new daily cases has dropped below 50 since the pandemic arrived here. The numbers continue to drop in most of the area but some communities are seeing spikes here and there.

Any community with more than 10 new COVID cases is not considered a safe place for Halloween or other holiday events. Though the residents of those particular communities are still free to go forward with such events at the risk of their own health and that of their neighbors. But there plenty of time for all communities to get below the 10 mark. Communities must remain below 10 during the14 days prior to Halloween to be considered safe areas for Halloween connected events. Any events before that time, people should use common sense for.

Outside the Whittier Area, Norwalk had two COVID 19 deaths today and 18 new cases.

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