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Halloween in Whittier is now in danger after a significant spike in new COVID 19 cases in the Whittier Area.

New data shows that there 23 new COVID 19 cases and 1 death in Pico Rivera yesterday, October 7, 2020.

In the City of Whittier, there were 26 new COVID 19 cases. The new cases is how many people got sick with COVID 19 as the counties don't track who carriers like they do people who are sick.

The third highest number of new cases was South Whittier with 9 which is still under 10. South Whittier doing a better job of controlling the spread of COVID 19 than two of the area's main cities are doing. South Whittier had no deaths.

We also see big increases in those communities that directly border the Whittier Area. In Downey there were 36 new COVID 19 cases yesterday and Norwalk had 26.

Fortunately the numbers remained either zero or close to zero for the rest of the Whittier Area.

In total the Whittier Area had 77 new COVID 19 cases and 1 new death. Total deaths for the year were 276. The total annual number of people who have ever gotten sick from COVID 19 is currently at 12,720. Those numbers are not just for the City of Whittier or unincorporated communities with Whittier in their name. They are for the entire Whittier Area including Hacienda Heights, Pico Rivera, Santa Fe Springs, La Mirada, and La Habra. It does not mean there are 12,720 COVID cases in the City of Whittier or that the City of Whittier has had 77 deaths. The annual death count for the city is actually 36. In comparison there were literally 76 deaths this year in Pico Rivera.

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