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New cases of COVID 19 in the Whittier Area dropped to zero in many parts of the Whittier Area and even those communities that border the Whittier Area.

Even in the three communities where the virus' spread had started to spike upward the last few days, the raw spread number has dropped close enough to zero that it can be said they are doing a good job in getting the virus under control. The highest number of new COVID cases in the Whittier Area was only 4 for both Sunday and Monday.

These are the new numbers for those four communities:

  1. City of Whittier- Only 4 new cases. Down from 17 on Saturday

  2. South Whittier- Only 4 new cases. Down from 20 on Saturday

  3. La Habra- Only4 new cases. Down from 11 on Saturday.

  4. Pico Rivera- Only 3 new cases. Down from 14 on Saturday.

It also went down to only 4 new cases in Hacienda Heights which had 7 new cases on Saturday.

The other communities of the Whittier Area each had zero new COVID 19 cases since Saturday.

If this keeps up and people are careful not to drop their precautions, every part of the Whittier Area will be open for Christmas and New Year's and that might be just in time for the Uptown Association to do its annual Christmas parade this year, depending on what course this pandemic takes for Whittier.

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