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Poll Reveals Republicans Have Edge on Major Issues, Trump and Biden Tied for 2024 Election

A recent poll conducted by SSR Research and CNN has revealed that Republicans hold the edge on major issues such as the economy, immigration reform, crime, government spending, parental rights, foreign affairs, and freedom of speech. Meanwhile, Democrats have a slight edge on social justice and abortion issues.

The poll also asked participants which president handled the issue of withdrawing from Afghanistan better, with 45% choosing former President Trump and 42% choosing current President Biden.

In the overall general election poll for 2024, Trump and Biden are statistically tied at 44% to 42%. Any poll that is within 2 percentage points is considered a statistical tie.

According to Rasmussen, the poll reveals that vast majorities of Americans are rejecting both Trump and Biden and want a third-party candidate on the ballot. Some respondents told pollsters they felt the Democrat and Republican brands were damaged goods.

Personality seems to be playing a role in the polling numbers, with Trump's crassness actually working against him despite his party's advantage on most of the issues affecting American citizens. Biden has recently issued statements indicating that he may share his predecessor's difficulty in winning re-election, and they may even share Trump's fate in facing a contested primary.

Democrat activists are calling on New York Representative Alexandra Ocasio Cortez to run against Trump for the presidency because only 48% of Democrats want Biden to run for another term despite 81% of Democrats approving of his job performance.

In the Republican primary, only 15% of Republicans say they will never support Trump, with a slight majority of those saying they would prefer for all of humanity to go extinct.

Overall, the poll highlights the deep political polarization in the United States and the desire for a third-party candidate to challenge the two-party system. It remains to be seen how the political landscape will shift in the coming years, but it is clear that Americans are hungry for change.

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