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A preliminary view of Census 2020 data shows the electoral map favors Trump over Biden for 2024 with Democratic states losing many of their electors to Republican candidates. While full census data will not be officially released until October as libs work to try and reverse the changes by replacing the original 2020 census results with forged numbers, the data currently shows Trump tying Biden with the states currently debating election law changes still up in the air.

However if election law proposals pass in Georgia and Pennsylvania, Trump will win those states as shown below.

This does not include Arizona which is also currently debating changes to voter laws that would ban non citizen immigrants from voting in that state and gives the legislature the final say on the make up of the state's electoral delegation.

Even if Trump goes on to win 2024, he will only be able to serve one term as the US Constitution will bar him from running for a third term. Maybe Biden will be able to do his own comeback in 2028 if Trump wins 2024.

The pending electoral map also strongly favors Republicans in Congressional races across most of the nation and indicates that the GOP will retake both chambers of Congress in 2022 and make a couple of morale boosting gains in California that year.

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