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New data indicates that the Whittier Area's death rate from COVID 19 is no longer exactly zero but still pretty close.

The data released by Orange and Los Angeles Counties indicates that just 2 people have died from COVID 19 yesterday. The numbers for each community are shown on the far right side of the charts in dark blue.

In red, the numbers show the spread of COVID 19 has slowed down significantly. The highest number of new infections was in the City of Whittier with 10 new infections yesterday, likely the result of people hearing the good news and throwing caution to the wind rather than maintaining a healthy and proper vigilance. South Whittier received 9 new infections. Hacienda Heights had 7 new infections and La Mirada had 5 new infections. The slightly higher numbers from the previous days indicate that some residents may be getting carried away with the good news. There were also couple of new infections in other communities of the Whittier Area. Pico Rivera for example had only 4 new infections. Since April, their average rate per day for that last year had been 250 a day. Going from 250 a day to just 4 or less a day is huge drop and indicates that Pico Riverans may have developed a natural resistance to the virus. Regrettably due to stricter shut downs in neighboring communities, the rest of the Whittier Area has not yet been able to achieve that kind of resistance as the state and local governments keep trying to force people to live in totally virus free bubbles which actually increases their risk of not only falling ill because of COVID 19 but also results in a massively increased risk of even more people dying from it. The data indicates that healthcare bubbles don't work. All they do is result in fear and distrust.

What the data indicates is that anyone who claims that 5,000 people in Whittier have COVID 19 or have died from COVID 19 is a liar and probably has ulterior motives, politically. But Whittier Area residents should still remain vigilant and cautious because of those healthcare bubbles mentioned earlier. Those bubbles mean they, themselves, still remain more vulnerable to the virus than people in Pico Rivera or other communities, states, and even nations that followed the same strategy as Pico Rivera. The problem is that in order to achieve that kind of resistance to COVID 19, it takes a lot of lives and many people in most of the Whittier Area don't appear to be willing to pay the price that would be required for that kind of community and are instead trying to keep their communities just exactly as they were before the pandemic arrived in the area and that is causing more problems than the virus itself has.

Remember to maintain caution this holiday season, especially if you going to be taking your kids trick or treating. If you are giving out candy, put it in bowl at the front of your property that way you can avoid direct contact. For children and parents, remember to wear gloves at all times when handling the candy and once you get home, put the candy some place where it can sit at least 3 days. Studies show that after 2 or 3 days, the virus dies on its own and you will be able to safely handle the candy without gloves.

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