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As the number of daily cases in the Whittier has continued to spike upward, the percentage of test takers coming up positive on the COVID 19 tests has also gone up substantially. Today you are now about twice as likely to test positive for COVID 19 than you were even this past summer. In some communities residents are now 3 times more likely to come up positive on a COVID 19 test.

In the worst spike of the Whittier Area, the City of Whittier actually had 66 new cases today, surpassing 50 in just one day.

The communities with the top 5 highest new COVID 19 cases were:

  1. City of Whittier - 66 new cases Red

  2. Pico Rivera- 46 new cases Red

  3. La Habra - 32 new cases Red

  4. South Whittier- 29 new cases Orange

  5. La Mirada- 14 new cases Yellow

However the number of cases does not tell the whole story. Neither do the number of deaths or hospitalizations. Whittier 360 takes the raw number of annual cases the county's of Orange and Los Angeles release on a daily basis and calculates the daily new cases from those numbers. It then takes the number of testers and deaths from each county and plugs those numbers plus the daily numbers into our proprietary algorithm to come up with data such as daily number of new cases, positivity rates which are the likelihood of person in a given community testing positive on a COVID 19 test and a death to infection ratio which is the likelihood of person in a given community actually dying from COVID 19 and those numbers are actually higher than even what some of locals who have expressed concern about COVID 19 may have thought they were.

To illustrate what we are talking about, we are listing both the top 10 highest COVID 19 positivity rates by community and the top 5 highest death to infection ratio by community. In both we will also provide the overall percentage or likelihood for the whole Whittier Area. Suffice to say that neither your likelihood of testing positive nor your likelihood of dying from COVID 19 are less than 1%, contrary to what some have suggested in innocent error.

Top 10 COVID 19 Test Positivity Rates by Community

  1. La Habra Heights: 70.10%

  2. Avocado Heights: 18.58%

  3. Pellisier Village: 17.46%

  4. Sunrise Village: 17.13%

  5. West Whittier:16.14%

  6. Pico Rivera: 15.99%

  7. South Whittier: 15.19%

  8. Santa Fe Springs and Whittier Narrows: 13.64% each

  9. City of Whittier: 12.89%

  10. North Whittier: 12.52%

The over all Whittier Area has a COVID test positivity ratio of 12% average for all communities of the Whittier Area. Based on this information, the Whittier 360 algorithm predicts that over 31,000 Whittier residents will eventually test positive for COVID 19. For those of you in the City of Whittier, the algorithm predicts that over 11,000 of your city's residents will eventually test positive for COVID 19. So obviously it's ways from being over for residents of the City of Whittier.

Next we look at the Death to Infection ratio which measures the percentage of people testing positive for COVID 19 who end up dying from COVID 19. As with the positivity ratio we found this number to also vary from community to community but we are here going to list only the top 5 death to infection ratio by community.

  1. Rose Hills/Spyglass Hills: 3.41%

  2. City of Industry: 3.39%

  3. North Whittier: 3.33%

  4. City of La Habra: 2.76%

  5. City of Pico Rivera: 2.55%

For the whole Whittier Area, your chance of dying from COVID 19 once you test positive is about 1.87% on average. For those in the City of Whittier it is 1.37%. If you live in South Whittier it is 1.61% and for residents of West Whittier/Los Nietos it is 1.36%.

Did you know that the Whittier 360 algorithm also predicts the number of people it expects to die of COVID 19 in each community if people refuse to wear masks and socially distant? For the City of Whittier it predicts that ignoring calls for mask wearing will result in 151 deaths. For South Whittier it predicts 140 deaths and for West Whittier it predicts 59. For the whole Whittier Area it predicts about 1,389 deaths if most residents refuse to wear masks and practice social distancing. How's that for perspective? Apparently masks and social distancing do make a difference and so can you. Only you can stop COVID 19 in your community.

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