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After dropping for 4 straight days, the number of daily new infections has begun to climb again with at least 3 Whittier Area Communities returning to above 100 yesterday, December 22, 2020. Because the situation continues to be dire, Whittier 360 has cancelled its New Year's Eve Party. It will not be rescheduled because there simply is not enough time to do a rescheduling of the event.

The Democrats responded to Trump's demands yesterday with total agreement but said the reason the checks were so small was because of Mitch McConnell and other Congressional Republicans who "did not want to give any assistance to Americans struggling through the COVID era" according to people in the Democratic Party. The stock market dropped on the news of the idea that regular Americans might get more help than wealthy elitists like themselves would. Wall Street has generally opposed any assistance for everyday working Americans. The drop shows just how much investors oppose help for regular people.

House Democrats said they wanted to jump on Trump's proposal as soon as possible and said they would introduce a bill tonight or tomorrow to introduce an amendment to the bill which was already passed by Congress, to increase the checks that US Citizens will be receiving to ensure Americans get the money that Trump wants them to get. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said the same thing but cautioned that Republican hardliners are likely to kill the amendment. Republicans themselves have been blindsided by the President's announcement. But it looks like they will have to go along if they want to retain control of the Senate and any chance they have of taking the House in 2022. Opposing additional assistance to every day American citizens would kill both of those since Republican control of both parties depends on how much support they continue to receive from Trump who is now the king maker in the Republican Party. Apparently, the king maker has spoken.

It is believed that Republicans will kill any effort to amend the bill but doing so would endanger their own chances of being reelected by upsetting many supporters of the President. The would give total control of the US government to the Democratic Party.

The President first said he wanted higher checks for American citizens but his own ideas talked him out of it and took control of the negotiations without consulting the President, effectively leaving Trump in the dark about what was happening, which in itself would constitute an illegal and unconstitutional coup attempt to sideline the elected President of the USA if true.

In addition to additional money for US citizens, Trump is objecting to provisions in the bill that give hundreds of billions of dollars to foreign regimes that oppress their own people and another provision that states that people in other countries will get the vaccines first before they are available to everyday non elitist Americans and that those same every day Americans would be required to pay more taxes to provide vaccines to the rest of the world that the bill prohibits themselves from receiving until December of 2021.

Trump and liberal Democrats were not the only ones opposing the bill yesterday and conservatives also began attacking the bill which was written like it was negotiated in dark back room somewhere in secret between the nation's wealthy elitists, with no input from regular Americans. One of the people in the negotiations referred to those every day Americans as "trash" and "viruses". If Americans every find out who made those references, their political career will be over. Both Schumer and Graham have said that while they agree with the President that the bill was imperfect, that he should sign the current bill and push for another separate bill to be passed next week that provide bigger checks for US citizens.

Across the Atlantic, we are now hearing the first glimmer of hints that both American vaccines are effective against the British strain of COVID which has caused mass panic all over in Europe. Experts said it will take two more weeks to know for sure.

The Election Day surge is ending but it looks like the Holiday Season surge is finally getting started and is likely to last at least 4 more weeks, which means the surge will last at least until the end of January.

The top 5 daily infection numbers by community:

  1. Pico Rivera 133 new cases

  2. City of Whittier 124 new cases

  3. South Whittier 105 new cases

  4. La Mirada 69 new cases

  5. La Habra 66 new cases

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