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In the first sign of positive news in 2021, the daily COVID infection numbers in the Whittier have dropped dramatically over the last couple of days as you can see in the trending graph. This is the first time that all communities in the Whittier had less than 100 new infections on a single day since the holiday season surge began. The declines come as more people begin heeding calls to wear masks and maintain their distances from each other.

Here are the top daily infections:

  1. La Habra 98 new infections

  2. Pico Rivera 93 new infections

  3. South Whittier 75 new infections

  4. City of Whittier 73 new infections

  5. Hacienda Heights 40 new infections

In comparison, for example, the City of Whittier had 235 new infections while Pico Rivera had nearly 300.

However as those who participated in the stop the steal fairy tale rally return home, they are likely to bring a more contagious form of the virus with them. This has led health experts to warn of a new insurrection spike caused by people who attended the rally and participated in the insurrection bringing back a worse form of the virus because people at those events did not wear masks and did not social distance. Among those who attended the peaceful rally but who did not participate in the attack on the capital was Whittier Councilmember Jessica Martinez who last night defeated efforts to censor her for exercising her right to freedom of speech and freedom of religious expression. In two weeks the community will know if she got COVID 19 from attending the rally. Martinez told the city council last night that she gave herself some horse medication that she had read from a random Facebook post would protect her from COVID 19. There are no drugs that will protect you from COVID 19 other than the vaccine according to properly licensed medical professionals who have researched the SARS COV 2 virus for a while. But we will have to wait two weeks to see if Martinez has contracted it or is otherwise an asymptomatic carrier.

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