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For the first time ever, every single Whittier Area Community had less than 100 new SARS COV 2 infections yesterday, December 14, 2020 and in nearly every city except one, the number of newly infected dropped even further: below 75.

The news comes as the first shipments of American invented COVID vaccines arrived in California and the first California recipients received their vaccinations yesterdays. In both California and Massachusetts, the first people to get the shots were Latinos. In Maryland, the first to receive the shot was said to be the acting Secretary of Defense. The names of the first recipients in most states were drawn by a computer.

The twin developments are a total vindication of constitutionally restricted government over those in other countries which have absolute power but yet were unable to stop the virus from sky rocketing and killing millions of their people. In the US, the death number has barely reached 300,000. Yet there are still those who are demanding the end of America's constitutional restrictions on the powers of the government. Many of those who hate America and America's system of constitutional government, the oldest written constitution on planet earth and the oldest constitutional system in the American hemisphere period, have been seeking to replace America's system of government with the despotic kind found in a lot of shit hole countries where freedom does not exist.

The City of La Habra was the only community in the Whittier Area where the number of new daily cases went up but even they remained below 100 and exceeded 75 by just one case.

In total there were 401 new SARS COV 2 infections on Monday, December 14, 2020. That is a significant drop from previous weeks.

There were, however, 5 deaths in the Whittier Area. Two of those were in the City of Whittier while South Whittier, West Whittier, and Hacienda had one COVID death each.

It appears the numbers are destined to head downward though there might be minor spikes here and there. And another coincidental thing happening as the numbers begin to head downward is the joint appearance of Saturn and Jupiter in the early evening sky last night as they prepare for their sacred Winter Solstice Conjunction on December 21 of this year. That is just 6 days away. The last time this happened was in 1226 and prior to that, it happened around the time of the birth of the Biblical Jesus. In 1226, it caused Genghis Kahn to conquer most of the world in his day. In Europe it presaged an era of widespread religious persecution. Prior to these dates it was associated with the collapse of entire civilizations while allegedly propelling others further along in their evolution. Interestingly, in the years in which it presaged the alleged collapse of civilizations, there was always a pandemic that started nearly a year before the conjunction took place. At least that is what the folk tales and superstitions say.

It is, however, most interesting coincidence this happening during a pandemic and as the solar systems biggest planets begin to close in toward each for December 21st, we now have a vaccine and America's COVID numbers are showing signs of starting to reverse. There is of course, the obvious emphasis on the word coincidence. America invented the vaccines, not some mystical event in the sky. And it was the freedoms and rights protected by the US Constitution that enabled the vaccines to be developed in the first place. The Constitution has long allowed Americans to succeed where everyone else in the rest of the world has consistently failed over and over and over. It's a shame that there are people who have expressed a willingness to engage in treason and sedition against it.

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