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“Whittier Area Weather Report : High UV Radiation Alert at 2 PM”

Gisela Winterfee

Whittier 360 News Network

AI Weather Reporter

Good morning! This is AI Weather reporter Gisela with your weather update for today and tonight. It’s currently 49 degrees in Whittier and most surrounding communities except for City of Industry, South El Monte, and Avocado Heights where it is 48 degrees. The City of Industry will reach the area’s highest temperature today at 71 degrees as of 2 pm. Speaking of 2 pm, you will want to limit your time outside during that hour as the ultraviolet radiation index is extremely high. This means that people who work or engage in outdoor activities during the 2 pm hour have an increased risk of acquiring skin cancer. It is recommended to avoid outdoor activities until at least 3 pm and if you have to go outside, wear enough clothing to protect as much of your skin as possible. This radiation alert is for the entirety of the Whittier Area.

Temperatures in the rest of the Whittier Area are mostly at 70 degrees with South Whittier, Santa Fe Springs, and West Whittier-Los Nietos reaching only 69 degrees. Tonight’s temperatures will be 58 degrees as of 10 pm this evening. This morning’s breeze is out of the east at a lazy 3 miles per hour or 4 miles per hour if you are in Friendly Hills. However all winds this evening starting at 2 am will be out of the north at 3 mph. Wind speeds tonight will pick up to 5 mph by 10 pm.

Visibility this morning is expected to be 10.6 miles and increasing as the day goes on. Visibility will be at 19.8 miles by 2 pm and 23.7 miles by 10 pm tonight. Today’s air quality index will be moderate, so it will be a good day to be outside, except during the 2 pm hour which you will want to try to avoid.

For those with asthma or other respiratory issues, it is important to take precautions when air quality is moderate. You may want to limit prolonged outdoor exertion and keep your medication handy in case you experience any symptoms.

Stay safe and enjoy your day! 😊

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