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Whittier City Council to Convene This Tuesday on a Wide Range of Agenda Items

Rebecca Canales

Founder and CEO

Whittier 360 News Network

The Whittier City Council is slated to convene for a significant session this coming Tuesday, October 24, 2023, at 6:00 PM in the Council Chamber at City Hall, located at 13230 Penn Street. This session is marked by an extensive agenda, signaling a rigorous discussion on various city matters.

The meeting will commence with a closed session at 6:00 PM, wherein the council will deliberate on labor negotiations, real property negotiations, and anticipated litigation among other matters. The public is invited to comment on any closed session item listed. Following the closed session, the regular session will kick off, where the council will honor local Blue Ribbon Schools and discuss an array of community-focused agenda items.

One of the key highlights on the agenda is the public hearing concerning the 2024 Uptown Business Improvement Area Assessments aimed at fostering local business growth. The council will also deliberate on a range of matters including citywide guardrail improvements, the Edible Food Recovery Program Management, and an update on the Whittier Well-Being Initiative, amongst others.

The Whittier People Mover's final report is also on the table, with the council to decide on the implementation of a one-year pilot program for a neighborhood electric vehicle service. This initiative reflects a step towards enhancing local transportation solutions.

Residents have multiple avenues to engage with the session. They can view the meeting live on Cable Channel 3, online via the city’s streaming service, or in person at the City Hall Council Chamber. Additionally, a Zoom link is provided for both closed and open sessions for those who wish to comment live. Email comments are also welcomed and should be submitted at least an hour before the meeting to

The city council continues to ensure inclusivity by providing disability-related services and Spanish interpreters for those who require such services, affirming the council’s commitment to serving all members of the Whittier community.

For a deeper dive into the agenda and to view recent public comments, interested individuals can visit The complete agenda packet is also available at three days before the meeting, providing ample time for public review and preparation.

As the city ventures through these agenda items, the decisions made in this council meeting could have lasting impacts on the community. It underscores the continual effort by the city council to address the varied interests and concerns of Whittier’s residents, aiming for a well-rounded discussion and actionable resolutions to propel the city forward.

Stay tuned to Whittier 360 News Network for a comprehensive coverage of the council meeting and its implications for the Whittier community.

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