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Americans Show Little Sympathy for Violent Pro-Hamas Protestors on University Campuses

In recent weeks, a wave of protests led by pro-Hamas demonstrators has swept across university campuses in the United States. These protests, often marked by inflammatory rhetoric and calls for violence, have sparked widespread condemnation from both students and the broader American public.

The demonstrations, which largely targeted America's support for Israel and advocated for the destruction of America itself, have raised serious concerns about campus safety and the boundaries of free speech. Many of the protestors, some of whom were international students on visas, openly called for the extermination of Jews and the murder of non-Palestinian babies, prompting outrage and disgust among onlookers.

According to recent polls, a significant majority of Americans express little sympathy for the expelled or suspended protestors. Voices from various quarters of society have chimed in, echoing sentiments that actions have consequences and advocating for accountability for those who engage in violent or threatening behavior.

American Posterity, a group representing the descendants of the founders of the US, has taken a firm stance against granting amnesty to the protestors. "No amnesty for traitors who violently called for the destruction of America and genocide against the Jews or any other race of people," they assert. "They must not only be expelled from the universities but also from our country."

Individuals from diverse backgrounds have echoed similar sentiments. Jay, a concerned citizen, emphasized the principle of accountability: "Actions have consequences. You make a decision to do something and you live with the decision and all that comes with it."

Meanwhile, Debra underscored the need for respect and civility on campus, urging protestors to refrain from threatening other students and keep conflicts overseas: "They need to be respectful of other students... Learn to act like a civilized person!"

Edward questioned the protestors' understanding of freedom of speech: "Why do college kids think freedom of speech means freedom from consequences? I guess they will learn that getting talked into supporting terrorists has consequences, especially when they break the law or school policy."

Mike expressed a sense of betrayal, highlighting the irony of protestors turning against the very country that welcomed them for education: "We let them into our country to attend school and they turn around and destroy our property and call for our destruction... This feels like a slap in the face."

As the debate continues to unfold, these viewpoints underscore the complexity of balancing free speech rights with the responsibility to maintain safety and respect on university campuses. In the face of rising tensions, calls for accountability and consequences for violent actions resonate strongly among many Americans.

Stay tuned for further developments on this issue as universities grapple with the aftermath of these contentious protests.

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