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The daily new infections in the Whittier Area shot back up on the first day of December after dropping for two straight days this weekend. The Whittier Area also saw its first COVID 19 caused deaths since Sunday.

There were a total of 3 deaths in the Whittier Area. There was one death each in the City of Whittier, West Whittier, and Santa Fe Springs. The number is still substantially less than in the rest of Los Angeles County. It is also lower than the 14 deaths the City of Whittier experienced last week. Though even one death is unfortunate.

There were 308 new COVID 19 infections in the Whittier Area, much of those new cases being in the City of Whittier.

The top 5 communities with the highest number of daily new cases of COVID 19:

  1. City of Whittier - 73 new cases on Tuesday alone

  2. South Whittier- 59 new cases

  3. Pico Rivera- 55 new cases

  4. La Habra - 26 new cases

  5. La Mirada- 25 new cases

There is not enough information yet to tell whether the new surge is connected to any of the local Thanksgiving gatherings.

Despite having the highest number of new cases, the City of Whittier still remains outside the top 5 communities for highest positivity ratios. It is barely in the top 10 for positivity ratios.

The top 10 positivity ratios are:

  1. La Habra Heights: 67.65%

  2. Pellisier Village: 20.07%

  3. Avocado Heights: 19.57%

  4. Sunrise Village: 18.27%

  5. Whittier Narrows: 17.86%

  6. West Whittier/Los Nietos: 16.83%

  7. Pico Rivera: 16.78%

  8. South Whittier: 16.56%

  9. Santa Fe Springs: 14.75%

  10. City of Whittier: 13.89%

The positivity ratio for the whole Whittier Area is currently 13% of all residents who have been tested.

That number is likely to go down now that the US has done in only 8 months that which none of the world's others nations were able to do in 30 years of the SARS viruses infecting humans: develop multiples vaccines for a SARS virus. COVID 19 is caused by the SARS virus known as SARS COV- 2. The American vaccines and the rapidity with which they were developed was due to the ingenuity and resources unleashed by President Trump's Operation Warp Speed though America haters have refused to give either the President or the US any credit. CNN yesterday said, falsely, that the UK was the one that developed the vaccines because they didn't want the US to be credited for anything as long as Trump was still the president.

All politics aside, history books of the future will record that it was Trump's insistence on fast development of vaccines and his effort to get one available to the public prior to the election, if he was able to, that inevitably led to the US doing in only 8 months what those other countries, including the UK, could not do in 30 years. As far as those who refuse to accept the fact of Trump's role in the fast development of the vaccine, they will be recorded as having opposed the development of vaccine because they didn't want Trump to be able to claim credit for anything good. In fact history will judge them to be responsible for most of the nation's COVID 19 deaths because they actively told people not accept to any vaccines or treatments that were created under Trump's presidency.

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