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All parts of the Whittier Area had less than 100 new SARS COV 2 infections yesterday, December 9, 2020. Pico Rivera was the last to drop below 100. There were only 2 COVID 19 deaths in the Whittier Area yesterday. One each in the City of Whittier and in West Whittier/Los Nietos. We now have some information of Whittier Area Hospitalizations and hospitalization for communities around Whittier. But first:

Here are the top 5 daily new infections for December 9.

  1. Pico Rivera- 91 new infections

  2. City of Whittier- 75 new infections

  3. La Habra- 73 new infections

  4. South Whittier- 50 new infections

  5. La Mirada- 30 new infections

There were 447 new infections for the entire Whittier Area. The number of new infections went up in La Habra to 73 which was the only community in the Whittier Area to see an increase while most other communities have begun to see declines. The only other community to see an increase, Santa Fe Springs, went up by barely 4. La Habra saw at least 30 point increase.

The SARS COV 2 positivity for the whole of the Whittier Area increased to 15% however.

The top 5 positivity rates for the Whittier Area are:

  1. La Habra Heights-68.57%

  2. Pellisier Village-21.82%

  3. Sunrise Village-21.33%

  4. Avocado Heights-20.79%

  5. Pico Rivera-18.85%

We were able to get data for 3 hospitals in the Whittier Area. They were PIH Whittier, Whittier Hospital both of which are in the City of Whittier and Kindred Hospital in La Mirada. We also gathered data for hospitals in the communities nearest to the Whittier Area for which data was made available. There were some hospitals for which we were not able to get data.

According to the data:

PIH Whittier is at 64% capacity with 16% of the beds being used by COVID 19 patients.

Whittier Hospital is at 60% capacity and 21% of their beds are being used for COVID 19 patients.

Kindred Hospital in La Mirada is at 71% capacity with just 2% of their occupied beds being used for COVID 19 patients.

Of the three hospitals identified as being located in Whittier Area communities, PIH Whittier is getting most of the COVID 19 cases: 65 per week compared to 33 for Whittier Hospital and 4 for Kindred in La Mirada.

Kindred is not the only hospital we looked that had low remaining capacity. Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center in Downey was at 79% capacity and PIH- Downey was at 74% capacity.

This data was made available by the University of Minnesota which is tracking COVID 19 hospitalization rates all across America down to the local community level. The data in the table below is only good for December 9 2020 and may expire and becoming inaccurate after that date. But it shows that of the hospitals listed, PIH Whittier is receiving the second highest number of COVID 19 patients per week and per day. The first is Kaiser Hospital in Downey with a weekly rate of 89 and a daily rate of 13. PIH Whittier's weekly numbers are 65 and their daily is about 9 per day. Now if UM updates this daily/weekly the updates will be included in tomorrow's report or whenever it is that they choose to update it.

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