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Both propositions would substantially increase taxes on all Californians. Most households in California are currently struggling to make ends meet due to the COVID 19 caused economic crises, making this the worst year to raise taxes on anyone.

Proposition 14 would hurt California families by providing at least $5.5 billion dollars in order to provide public money for stem cell research with no ethics requirements attached to the funding. The money would be taken from programs such as Cal Med, public education, policing programs, mental health programs, and other government funded programs that low income working families and homeless people rely on to get by. Such programs face either elimination or reductions if Proposition 14 is passed and much of that money is reallocated to giving free money to stem cell researchers instead. An economic crises is the wrong time to be stealing money from the poor to give to wealthy researchers who can just as easily get the money from somewhere else where it won't have a disproportionate impact on low income families or on people of color.

Proposition 15 would increase taxes on California families by as much as $12 billion at a time when the vast majority families in California can least afford new and higher taxes, let alone their rents. How many households are you aware of that are working class and can afford to pay higher taxes?

Because of the economic crises, Whittier 360 opposes both Propositions 14 and 15.

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