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The number of positive test results for the SARS-COV 2 virus which causes COVID 19 has jumped 399 yesterday, a first in the Whittier Area's history. Much of those new positive test results were in just three communities: the City of Whittier, the City of Pico Rivera, and Unincorporated South Whittier.

For the first time in its history, the City of Whittier had more than 100 of its residents test positive for the virus. It is not known how many of those are actually hospitalized because neither county breaks down hospitalizations by community due to their insistence on a one size fits all approach that for the past year has largely failed to stop the spread of the virus and has caused many more problems than is justifiable.

Yesterday may have been the start of the long ballyhooed Thanksgiving spike but we need more information to know for sure.

Both Joe Biden and Ivanka Trump have announced they will publicly receive the vaccine once it becomes available to Americans. Ivanka's father, the current president, is already carrying an immunity to the virus after having been exposed to it in October. Ivanka is likely also probably already immune due to a likelihood of already having been exposed herself but the act of getting the vaccine in public is likely to increase the likelihood of Trump supporters accepting the vaccine for themselves as they are unlikely to do so unless the Trump's do so first.

The UK is being called out for nonregulatory approval of the vaccine according to whistle blower reports which said the British government skipped most scientific trials when it rushed to approve the Pfizer vaccine for distribution to the British public. In response to criticism, the British government said it was able to get faster approval for the vaccine because it's regulatory bodies "work better" than similar bodies else where in the world. British scientists and practitioners have sought to distance themselves from remarks from one British government spokesman who said the fast approval by the British government proved that the British were racially superior to everyone else on earth, apparently including other White nations. We Americans will take exception to that, as well the UK's illegal theft of US intellectual property.

Locally, Whittier 360 is adjusting how we report the raw number of people who test positive. Instead of referring to them as cases we will now be referring to them as case/carriers because the long term information from this past year has proven to us that just because a person tests positive for the SARS- COV 2 virus does not mean they are automatically sick with COVID 19. Regrettably as noted previously, the county does not break down hospitalizations by community so we are not able to provide that information for the Whittier Area with an accuracy.

Did you know that the data provided by Whittier 360 actually includes some hidden information that you can find by using simply mathematics. For example if 14% of residents in the City of Whittier who take a COVID 19 test, come up positive on those tests, what is the percentage of City of Whittier test takers who come up negative for the SARS-COV 2 virus? Hint: Subtract the 14 from 100. Answer: 86% of City of Whittier test takers come up negative for the virus that causes COVID 19. You can actually do something similar with the death ratios in order to find the survivorship ratio.

The top 5 highest case/carrier rates:

  1. City of Whittier- 101 new carriers/cases

  2. City of Pico Rivera- 89 new carriers/cases

  3. Unincorporated South Whittier- 70 new carriers/cases

  4. Unincorporated West Whittier/Los Nietos- 30 new carriers/cases

  5. City of La Mirada- 28 new carriers/cases

The top 5 positive test result ratios:

  1. La Habra Heights-67.65%

  2. Pellisier Village-21.03%

  3. Avocado Heights- 19.81%

  4. Sunrise Village-18.33%

  5. Whittier Narrows- 17.86%

The positivity ratio for the Whittier Area is 14%

The Top 5 Negative test result ratios:

  1. City of Industry- 92.02%

  2. City of La Habra- 91.77% *(based on best guess but likely to be skewed because Orange County does not break its reported testing numbers down by community)

  3. Rose Hills/Spyglass Region- 89.83%

  4. City of La Mirada- 89.31%

  5. Unincorporated East Whittier- 88.51%

The negative ratio for the Whittier Area is 96%.

The positivity and negatives ratio for the communities that are driving most of the Whittier Area's spike:

  1. City of Whittier- positivity ratio= 14.3% negativity ratio= 85.7%

  2. City of Pico Rivera- positivity ratio=17.15% negativity ratio= 82.85%

  3. South Whittier - positivity ratio= 16.94% negativity ratio=83.06%

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