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It was a somber Thanksgiving for the Whittier Area yesterday. The Whittier Area saw a combined 286 new cases. There were two COVID 19 deaths yesterday. Both deaths were in the City of Whittier.

Given what we know about the contagious of COVID 19, the pandemic is likely to remain an issue of concern at least until May 2021. That's because those who test positive for it remain contagious for up to six months after first being diagnosed regardless of whether or not they themselves recover from it or whether they get symptoms, according to an international study in Science Magazine. Those who COVID 19 in the last two weeks will remain contagious until about the middle of May.

The half year of contagiousness is not likely to have much impact on the stay home orders however as most Americans are barely willing to self isolate for two weeks. Most will not agree to a lockdown that lasts 6 months but it does show just how disconnected the state's and both counties' COVID 19 stay at home recommendations are from the best science on COVID 19. But even if they were to start telling people to stay home for 6 months, they would have a much more difficult time enforcing it. For one thing, it is impossible to stockpile enough supplies to wait out that long, even with panic shopping. You would have to leave your home after a couple of weeks to resupply whether you were still contagious or not. There would be no choice.

The other area where there is a disconnect between official policy and the science is the 6 foot distancing rule which science says should be at least 10 feet. But most people have hard time hearing each other at that distance due to American's fondness for walking around either with earphones with loud music, loud music in their cars, or blasting movies on their TV that can be heard half a block away. Those who take care of their hearing, properly which means not exposing them to prolonged loud noise, tend to have an easier time with the 10 foot distancing rule.

There remains a big rift among Americans about mask mandates. While Democrats claim they have a mandate for national mask requirement, the numbers don't give them a mandate because they got far less than the number of votes required for them to have a national mask mandate. What Americans do want is for mask mandates to be left up to local jurisdictions, not an imperialist nationalized government run by the UN and UN sympathizers who care nothing about the US Constitution or American heritage. The Democrats and the Republicans will still need to learn to work together on the issue because neither of them won a mandate for anything in the 2020 election.

In the meantime, the US Supreme Court this week confirmed that neither states nor communities can use COVID 19 to suspend American's constitutional rights. The suspension of rights was based on foreign precedents and in direct violation of American values and traditions. For now, the mask issue is likely to remain a highly partisan issue regardless of claims to the contrary by Democrats who refuse to accept the views or facts that the other side of the aisle has. Republicans don't trust the mask mandate because it comes Democrat who are quick to condemn America for every evil on planet earth and to suspend constitutional liberties every time any person is even slightly offended. Over time, the Republican system of voluntary mask compliance has shown to be more effective that enforced mask mandates. Americans are more likely to wear mask when it is left for them to decide than they are if they are threatened with use of government force. That's why we present the numbers and we leave to readers to make their own decisions based on that data. At some point, COVID 19 is going to lose its potency as an issue and there are signs that is already happening.

There was no new data reported by Orange County which causes the number of new cases in La Habra to artificially appear to drop to zero. When they start reporting that number is likely to be a combination of both Thursday and Friday.

The communities with the top 5 highest number of new cases:

  1. City of Whittier- 69 new cases

  2. City of Pico Rivera- 58 new cases

  3. South Whittier- 57 new cases

  4. La Mirada- 25 new cases

  5. West Whittier/Los Nietos- 22 new cases

The top 5 death ratios for Thursday, November 26 2020:

  1. City of Industry: 4%

  2. Rose Hills/Spyglass Hill: 3.16%

  3. North Whittier: 3.07%

  4. City of La Habra: 2.62%

  5. City of Pico Rivera: 2.48%

Top 10 Population Saturation of COVID 19 (higher is actually better):

  1. Whittier Narrows-41.67%

  2. City of Industry- 24.51%

  3. Pellisier Village-7.75%

  4. North Whittier-7.32%

  5. City of Pico Rivera-5.52%

  6. West Whittier/Los Nietos- 5.24%

  7. South Whittier-4.68%

  8. City of Santa Fe Springs-4.47%

  9. City of Whittier- 4.03%

  10. City of La Habra- 3.24%

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