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Unable to accept political defeat at the ballot box and bide their time till the next election, large groups of violent extremists have invaded and seized control of the US Senate chamber today, prompting the US Secret Service to swiftly escort Vice President Pence to safety. The incident comes after President Trump asked his supporters to hold Pence accountable, which could be seen as a treasonous act since making threats against elected officials and seizing control of the US capital is technically an act of war against the United States. It appears the extremists have officially committed an act of real treason today as defined strictly by the US Constitution.

Witnesses are saying that some of the protesters were threatening to kill senators and blow up the nation's capital. If this is true, then there is no getting around the fact that Trump will have to face trial for fomenting violent treason against the US.

What we know at this time is that a large group of violent extremists dressed up as ancient Vikings have stormed the US capital building. As with other cultures such as the Cherokee and Irish, the Viking culture has been appropriated by people with zero connection to it to promote behavior the real Vikings would not have accepted.

At this time the US capital is in full lockdown mode. DC had already mobilized its national guard. So far Trump has failed or is refusing to send additional resources to secure the capital from the extremist attack.

Some of the extremists are reportedly shooting at the police who are trying to protect the Senators and visitors to the Senate.

The attack comes after the Democrats won control the US Senate in last night's Georgia runoff elections.

This is a developing story: America is under siege by violent extremist groups.

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