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American Posterity Supports Supreme Court's Recent Immigration Decision


JUNE 23 2023

As the representative voice of the direct biological descendants of the Founding Fathers of the United States, American Posterity announces its support for the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision on immigration. Our backing for this ruling is not rooted in advocacy for unregulated borders, but in our enduring belief in the Constitutional framework that our forebears so wisely crafted.

The U.S. Constitution designates the President as the Commander in Chief of not only our military forces, but also our executive branch. This role grants him the prerogative to set the administrative agenda and determine priorities on matters such as immigration. The recent decision by the Supreme Court acknowledges this authority, allowing the President to instruct immigration agencies to prioritize threats to public safety over indiscriminate enforcement due to limited resource availability.

Our support for this ruling is further reinforced by two key concerns regarding the lawsuit brought forth by Texas and Louisiana:

  1. The demonization of refugees: The plaintiffs' portrayal of refugees as criminals is inconsistent with the values inscribed in our Constitution. It's crucial to remember that U.S. law — and we contend, the Constitution itself — allows for the legitimate entry of refugees into our nation without pre-approved paperwork. These are individuals fleeing adverse conditions and seeking sanctuary, not lawbreakers.

  2. The attempted usurpation of Presidential authority: The plaintiffs in this case aimed to override the President's prerogative as Commander in Chief. This is a direct affront to the constitutional powers vested in the executive office, powers that have been a cornerstone of our republic since its inception. We also view it as an attack on the separation of powers clause.

As descendants of America's Founding Fathers, we believe in the importance of maintaining the delicate balance of power that they envisioned. This includes recognizing and upholding the constitutional authority of our President to shape and implement policy within his jurisdiction, including that of immigration enforcement policies.

In the future, American Posterity will continue to engage with and voice our stance on immigration and other issues of national concern. We stand committed to the principles of our founders and the Constitution they bestowed upon us, guiding our great nation towards a future that respects its past.

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