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The anti communism rally that some community members were looking forward to supporting has been cancelled for this weekend and will be rescheduled due to local daily new SARS COV 2 infections reaching just short of 1,000 by a figurative hair's length and the number of deaths caused by COVID 19 in the Whittier has gone up, according to the rally's organizer.

The decision to cancel and reschedule the anti communism was a difficult one but there was no way to ensure that everyone who attended the rally would voluntarily wear masks properly and keep their distance from each other. There was brief discussion of turning it into a car rally but there was no way to make sure people kept their windows rolled up and the logistics of doing such an event were impossible to work out at what virtually a last minute update. There is no dishonor in holding off to continuing the battle against America's enemies at a future, better time.

In the meantime the state's new contact tracing app doesn't seem to work to well if people who are testing positive are not downloading the app and letting the app they are positive so the app can anonymously notify everyone that person has come into contact with.

In total there 981 new SARS COV 2 infections in the Whittier and 9 new deaths in the Whittier. In the City of Norwalk, just outside the Whittier Area they literally had 6 people die at the same time yesterday from COVID 19. There were deaths also in Montebello, Downey, and Rowland Heights. In the Whittier Area, the City of Whittier, La Mirada, and South Whittier each had 2 deaths from COVID 19 while North Whittier, Santa Fe Springs, Pico Rivera each had one COVID 19 death.

This is not the only negative news from the 16th of December. At least one community actually surpassed 230 new infections and several others went back above 100 new infections.

Here are the top 5 new infection numbers by community for Wednesday December 17 2020:

  1. Pico Rivera- 232 new infections with a positivity rate of 21.03%

  2. City of Whittier- 163 new infections with a positivity rate of 17.13%

  3. La Habra- 103 new infections with a positivity rate of 9.49%

  4. West Whittier/Los Nietos- 85 new infections with a positivity rate of 20.6%

  5. Hacienda Heights- 83 new infections with a positivity rate of 14.68%

The highest single community increase in new infections we are tracking was in Downey which had 373 new infections yesterday. While observing one's religious services is a sacred right in America that has been upheld by the US Supreme Court which said that right holds even during pandemic, now may be a good a time to experiment with teleconferenced services if anyone is willing to do that. It is also a good idea, for those who are able to do so, to probably try to avoid shopping as much as possible as well. We may be entering the darkest phase of this pandemic as far as the Whittier Area is concerned. Discretion is a true American virtue.

If these numbers were going to be fake, now would be good time. Unfortunately they are very real at this time. At least it's not the apocalypse. According to the Mayan calendar, Nostrodamus and Revelation that's not due until some time the second decade of the 2600's. Your great grandchildren won't even be around to see that. Though Revelation doesn't actually give an exact date.

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