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Biden's own COVID 19 Taskforce today walked back its earlier advice to Biden that the nation needed to locked down by force if necessary in order to get a handle on COVID 19. The move is likely another step toward lowering tensions across the US.

The reversal comes as millions of people across America have openly talked about either pulling their states out of the US or open civil war in defense of the Constitution. The move by the panel is seen as a move to deescalate tensions across the US that could lead to America breaking up into as many as 55 separate countries if they are allowed to continue to boil.

"We can be much more targeted geographically. We can also be more targeted in terms of what we close." Dr. Celine Gounder told the main stream press today.

Another panel member, Dr. Vivek Murphy said lockdowns were recommended back in March when nothing was known about the virus but that trying to impose it today would cause the break up of the United States.

Dr. Michael Osterholm, Biden's main COVID 19 advisor had earlier this year recommended that Biden impose a mandatory lockdown and use the military to enforce it. Dr. Osterholm is now saying he never made that recommendation. Osterholm's reversal, like that of the COVID 19 panel, comes only after talk from millions of Americans about pulling their states out of the US while millions of others began talking about civil war this week that would be targeted at stopping a such a forced nationwide lockdown.

A Biden transition official says the Biden camp is not thinking of a lock down currently because too many Americans in too many states strongly oppose it and are likely to extreme measures in opposition to it.

The Biden campaign has said they wanted to work with the Trump administration to open schools in parts of the country where that is possible.

A Biden spokesperson said they are looking to restrict activities at precise locations where the virus has, in the past, show to spread the most, such as restaurants, bars, gyms, and other indoor businesses. The spokesperson also said that no matter what Trump had done this year, the country would still have lost 2,000 people to the virus and that Biden was likely to continue some of Trump's COVID 19 policies in order to not seriously harm the national economy.

Even Fauci is now saying that nationally imposed lockdown would be bad for the country.

In another area where the Biden campaign is seeking to reduce tensions, the campaign has said they are the going to keep many of Trump's immigration policies in place until something better can be established that does not end up opening up the floodgates that led to Trump's election in the first place. Sources said that Biden will not seek to dismantle the parts of Trump's wall that have already been built but that adding new sections is not a priority for Biden.

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