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A cursory look at the Bouchot reelection campaign finance sources found that Bouchot's 2022 Whittier City Council Campaign has nearly $10,000 in cash, or $9,642 reported on hand according to campaign finance reports.

A look at the reports themselves revealed that more than 80% of the funds were received from sources outside the City of Whittier. Only a small sum of the funds came from Whittier residents and businesses. The amount actually from within Whittier amounted to less than $3,000 so far. Only 30% of Bouchot's campaign cash comes from Whittier residents and businesses. The other 70% is from outside of Whittier according to the public records avaiable on the city's campaign reporting website.

Most of the outside funds were from Attorneys but the records show Bouchot also appears to have received a cumulative $2,000 from the Ian Calderon for State Assembly Campaigns. So far Bouchot has not received a dime from any of the unions that have been trying to buy the elections.

A look at campaign data for Councilmember Dutra's 2022 campaign shows that his campaign so far has a little over $4,000 in cash on hand and that 100% of that is from City of Whittier residents and businesses. So far, the District 4 Councilmember has not received any union funds.

So far, it appears that Vinatieri has not begun holding fundraisers or soliciting cash for his 2022 reelection campaign yet. Records show that Vinatieri has not yet filed an intent to run for reelection which is a little bit unusual at this point but he might file sometime over the summer.

This is a breaking news development.

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