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We are receiving word this evening that federal and state courts in several states have ordered a temporary halt to certification of election results in those states, citing what they are calling "irregularities" in the vote counting process.

The orders were issued in several states including Pennsylvania and Nevada. In Pennsylvania the state Supreme Court barred the state from certifying down ballot results and from taking any action on yesterday's certification of presidential results which the state's highest court said is now under question for irregularities. The court did not say what those irregularities were.

Judge Patricia McCullough signed the injunction in Pennsylvania and said the state's appellate courts would hear a case brought by the GOP regarding late arriving mail in ballots as well as votes that were cast by people who were not US citizens but which were never the less counted in the state's presidential race according to the Pittburgh Post Gazette.

The courts in Pennsylvania have scheduled a hearing in the case for Friday and the matter could reach as far as the US Supreme Court. It is uncertain what a ruling against the ballots would mean. It could over turn the results of the presidential race in Pennsylvania but that is far far from certain.

The state's Democrat's have appealed the injunction to the state supreme court insisting that regardless of voting by non citizens the certification process must still go forward.

The state legislature is also appealing the order. Meantime a Pennsylvania State Department official decried the order saying, "millions of people around the world who have an interest in the affairs of the US must be allowed to have a vote in US elections."

She said that "attempts to undermine non citizens was contrary to American values and must be rejected as an attempt to undermine democracy."

Plaintiffs said that an unusually high number of mail in ballots came from outside the US and that military and diplomatic personnel posted overseas could not account for the large volume of ballots the state received from outside the US.

In the meantime, a court case in Nevada is closer to overturning the election results there. A state judge in Nevada ruled there was enough evidence of fraud and irregularities in the state's vote count to merit a hearing of a case brought by the Trump campaign. Trump supporters were banned from watching ballot counting in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, and multiple other states.

The Nevada case will be heard beginning December 3. In a statement, the court indicated there may have been evidence to indicate that the ban on Trump supporters being allowed to watch ballot counting may have been motivated by anti White racism.

Some eyewitnesses to alleged irregularities say they have received threatening emails, phone calls and mail. Some said that people drove by and threw rocks through their windows or shot at them and made threats toward their children. However none of that has been substantiated.

The biggest allegation is that none of the signatures on the ballots were verified by human beings as required by law but were simply ripped open and tossed into a machine while the envelopes were thrown in the trash. The allegations alleged that thousands of a ballots did not even have signatures on them.

The plaintiffs also allege they have Indigenous witnesses who have come forward saying they were offered money, food, TV's, alleged COVID 19 vaccinations, and more in exchange for their votes. That would probably be the most serious allegation if it has any root in reality.

None of the cases so far show any indication that the ultimate result of the presidential election will be reversed but do, nevertheless, bear watching because they bear upon serious allegations of voter fraud involving enough ballots to undo results in at least a couple of states, even if they may not be enough states to undo the election.

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