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Good morning this is your COVID 19 Halloween season update. After speculation about whether there will be a Halloween this year, California Governor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, has announced that up to three households will be allowed to get together for small Halloween parties and other social events according to the Whittier Daily News this morning.

The new rules do not put a numerical limit on the number of people in a household but do require participants to continue wearing masks and continue with physical distancing and all Halloween parties must be held outdoors with indoor restroom use allowed only if the restrooms are cleaned every 30 minutes.

The WDN also reports that the state is calling on everyone who participated in either the Armenian protests or the Lakers celebrations to quarantine themselves. If they are not willing to do it on their own, their families and friends should pressure them to do so.

Grocery stores and restaurants and other businesses are asked to have someone posted at their entrances to ask people if they had participated in either event and if people say they did participate, to turn them away and tell them to return in two weeks.

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