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New reports are coming out of Arizona that the Trump campaign is dropping its lawsuits in the state that were attempting to require a hand recount. According to lawyers for the Trump campaign, President Trump does not see a way for himself to win Arizona even with the questionable ballots being included.

The move is the first hint that the President is preparing to issue a concession speech within the next week or two. The President's lawsuits in the other states have so far been getting tossed out of court because the judge's are finding them to be too flimsy.

There has been a split among Trump's children with both of his older sons telling him to keep fighting the results and Ivanka and Jared Kushner telling him to cut his losses and look out for his legacy. That would indicate that Ivanka and Jared, both close advisors to the President, believe that Biden has unofficially won the election and is likely to be declared the winner by the Federal Government.

Even if he does concede, Trump is likely to remain in charge of the Republican Party for the rest of his life. Efforts by groups such as the Lincoln Group to oust him have gone nowhere and there is now talk of evicting members of the Lincoln Group from the Republican Party.

Contrary to uninformed popular belief, Trump will not face criminal charges or trials for anything he did as President of the United States.

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