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According to a report on Brietbart, NATO military forces from the United Kingdom are currently involved in active combat roles against Russian military forces and have been engaged in such operations since the moment Russian troops began pouring into Ukraine back in February. According to officials in the British government, British combat troops from its special forces divisions were prepositioned in Ukraine just before Russia's invasion.

The British have been fighting a hot war against Russia in Ukraine ever since.

While most of the publicized operations involved diplomatic escorts, the British military acknowledge special operations were conducted against Russian military forces in support of Ukraine.

According to The Times, a British news outlet, at least 350 British Royal Marines are engaged in combat operations against Russia in the Ukraine War. This is the first time a NATO member state admitted to having combat forces fighting the Russians in Ukraine. There are suspicions that American soldiers may have also been deployed to Ukraine, by the Biden administration, to fight the Russians.

The presence of US military personnel in the Ukraine War Zone has officially been confirmed by the Pentagon. Reports are emerging of American personnel carrying out operations against Russian positions on behalf of the Ukrainians.

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