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In a press briefing today, President Trump's physicians said that President Trump's condition worsened yesterday and they remain very concerned about his condition. Vice President Pence is being kept informed of the situation a Pence staff member said.

One of the doctors, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told the New York Times, "“The president’s vitals over the last 24 hours were very concerning and the next 48 hours will be critical in terms of his care,” "“We’re still not on a clear path to a full recovery.” he told the times.

Among the symptoms that have caused great alarm at Walter Reed, the President was having a very difficult time breathing on his own and his blood oxygen levels had dropped to critically low levels. At that point, they say, it was decided to medevac him from the White House to Walter Reed where they could put him on oxygen. But they said the President did not want to be seen being helped into the helicopter because of the optics.

President Trump was first diagnosed with COVID 19 on Wednesday afternoon, the day after the debate with Biden.

They said when they tested the President on Wednesday it came back negative. They chose to do a second test on Thursday because the President's symptoms became "worse". That second test from Thursday came back positive for the SARS COV 2 virus.

Staff say that because first test came back negative for the virus, Trump continued with his campaign schedule on Wednesday night with the assumption he just had a cold. The incident now raises questions about the accuracy of the COVID 19 tests being made available to Americans due to the faulty first diagnoses.

The President's personal physician told the New York Times that the President was in good condition and feeling well. He told the media that the President is recovering but that next 24 hours are going to be especially critical.

It is now being reported that at least half the people who attended the nomination ceremony for Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court, have tested positive for SARS COV 2 and more positive test results are coming out from other participants.

It's 57 years since the last time a US President died while in office.

Update 1: Sources told the American media company CBS, that the President's condition worsened considerably last night as he became fatigued and was having trouble breathing on his own but the source said the President has begun recovering after being placed on the Remdisivir treatment. President Trump was placed on the regimen last night after doctors had to temporarily place him on oxygen.

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