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Good morning. We have breaking news this morning, war has broken out in the Middle East this morning between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Both nations are using tanks, planes, artillery and even missiles in addition to ground forces and the both have imposed national drafts that are now in effect.

According to reports the war began when Azerbaijan began bombing civilian population centers inside the Armenian enclave of Nagorno-Karabahk. Azerbaijan says that Armenia was using the enclave to fire artillery shells at Azerbaijani forces.

Armenia has declared martial law in the wake of the start of the war and video shows Armenians forces advancing into Azerbaijan while the Azeris have made unsubstantiated claims of wiping out entire Armenian military units.

Russia has called for a return to peace.

The war threatens to expand into a global conflict as Turkey, an ally of Azerbaijan, has begun moving tens of thousands of military personnel and equipment to the Turkish/Armenian border with Erdogan saying that Turkey intends to "finish the job" they started back in the 1910's, a clear statement of intent to exterminate all of the region's Armenians.

Turkey has been picking fights with all of its neighbors from Iraq and Syria to Greece and Russia and now Armenia. Turkey has in recent weeks threatened to attack Saudi Arabia and the UAE and other countries that sign peace treaties with Israel.

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