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The CDC today issued new guidelines announcing that those who have recieved both COVID 19 vaccination shots no longer have to wear masks around other vaccinated people, around their grandchildren, nor at restaurants. The announcement was made shortly ago.

Under the guidelines, if you are at least two weeks past your last vaccination shot, you no longer have to wear mask or social distance from other people.

The fully vaccinated can also gather indoors without masks with others who are also fully vaccinated. Also the CDC says that the fully vaccinated no longer have to quarantine just for coming into contact with someone who has COVID 19 because studies are showing that vaccinated people can't spread the virus as much as people who are not vaccinated.

Those wanting to ditch their masks will have to have proof of vaccination on hand in some situations however as business owners and local officials may require proof of vaccination. In other words, you will need to have your vaccination card with you at all times just as you need your drivers license and your passport.

To protect your neighbors, make sure to keep neighborly visits outdoors until they too have been fully vaccinated. Large community gatherings should be kept outdoors for now until most members of the community have received both vaccination shots.

Interstate and international travel restrictions still apply for now. International travelers will be required to have their vaccination cards on them as they will be checked by TSA health professionals before you are allowed onto the plane or, in some cases, into the airport.

There are some exceptions to mask mandate relaxation. If you are in high residential locations such as prisons, group homes, or similar sitting you should still quarantine for 14 days to protect those around you who have not been vaccinated. All public gatherings that fully vaccinated people participate in have to be kept to a limited number of people to avoid accidentally giving the virus to unvaccinated people who remain highly susceptible.

The President's top medical advisor, Anthony Fauci embraced the new guidelines this morning.

Locally, Whittier Area COVID numbers remain near zero for most local communities. There were just 33 new cases in the entire Whittier Area yesterday.

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