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City Council Unanimously Approves New Chuck E. Cheese Restaurant in Whittier

Rebecca Canales,

Founder and CEO

Whittier 360 News Network

Whittier, CA - In a resounding vote of support for local family-friendly entertainment options, the City Council unanimously approved the opening of a new Chuck E. Cheese restaurant. The venue, to be located at 13400 Whittier Boulevard within the Quad Shopping Center, received the green light through the Council's Consent Calendar, fast-tracking its official welcome into the community.

A Smooth Approval Process

The Chuck E. Cheese proposal initially gained momentum when it was presented to the City of Whittier's Planning Commission. After careful scrutiny, the Planning Commission found that the proposal met all the zoning requirements and was in full compliance with environmental regulations. It then issued a strong recommendation for approval, giving the project significant weight as it headed to the City Council.

The City Council's unanimous vote to approve the restaurant didn't come as a surprise given this strong initial recommendation. It reflects the effective coordination between city departments and the well-prepared presentation from the applicant, Cathy West of Parkway C&A, LP. The approval process was notably smooth, with the City Council fast-tracking the proposal via its Consent Calendar, a procedure reserved for non-controversial issues that are expected to pass without opposition.

What This Means for Whittier

The addition of Chuck E. Cheese fits well with the city’s ongoing efforts to revitalize Whittier Boulevard and make it an appealing destination for local residents. With a range of food and game options that appeal to families, this establishment is poised to be a win for both consumers and the local economy.

It will fill a vacant 14,038-square-foot tenant space in the Quad shopping center that was most recently occupied by a "Discount Halloween" costume store. The new establishment will offer local residents a venue for parties, family gatherings, and casual dining, adding to the diversity of entertainment options in Whittier.

Next Steps

The next steps for Chuck E. Cheese involve moving forward with the interior modifications required to adapt the vacant space for its specific needs. This will include establishing dining areas, installing arcade games, and setting up a prize booth and salad bar.

Chuck E. Cheese will also need to obtain the City’s Building and Safety Division's approval for these proposed tenant improvements. Further, any signage for the business will have to be submitted for review and approval by the Community Development Department.

Community Reaction

Although there were no public comments received during the Planning Commission's initial review, the City Council's unanimous vote indicates that the project enjoys general acceptance within the community. This kind of community support is crucial for a new business, especially one focusing on family entertainment.

The Police Department also weighed in on the proposal, expressing their belief that the restaurant and arcade would not have an adverse impact on surrounding businesses. This is attributed to specific conditions related to security, lighting, and landscaping, which have been incorporated into the proposal.

In Summary

Residents of Whittier can soon expect to have a new family-friendly entertainment and dining option in their city. This unanimous approval signals an effective working relationship between the Planning Commission, the Community Development Department, and the City Council, ensuring that projects beneficial to the community are given the support they need.

With all systems go for Chuck E. Cheese, local families will soon have another option for safe, fun, and interactive entertainment. The restaurant is set to become a noteworthy addition to Whittier Boulevard's expanding range of dining and recreational options.

For the latest news on this development and more, keep an eye on Whittier 360 News Network.

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