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According to the latest data, the City of Whittier has entered the COVID green zone for the first time since summer of 2020. For the first time since July the city had just 3 new COVID 19 cases. It comes as the City of Whittier went below 10 for the first time on March 1st.

With the City of Whittier and West Whittier both entering the green zone on Tuesday, the entire Whittier Area is now officially in the Green Zone for COVID 19. For the first time since March, West Whittier/Los Nietos only had 1 new case yesterday.

Pico Rivera however still hasn't gone below 10 yet which puts them on the borderline.

Here are the top 5 new cases per community:

  1. Pico Rivera 10 new cases Green/Yellow Borderline Zone

  2. South Whittier and Hacienda Heights 5 new cases each Green Zone

  3. Santa Fe Springs, La Habra, and La Mirada, 4 new cases each Green Zone

  4. City of Whittier and Avocado Heights 3 new cases each Green Zone

  5. East La Mirada 2 new cases Green Zone

Total new cases for the Whittier Area: 42

This is the first time since March that the new infection numbers for the entire Whittier Area have gone below 50 and the numbers continue to trend downward.

Here is Tuesday's COVID death count for the Whittier Area:

One death each in South Whittier, Avocado Heights, La Habra, and La Mirada

Total Deaths for the Whittier Area: 4

We have not seen it that low since mid May.

The same trends are being seen else where as well. In Texas the news led the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott to not only lift all COVID restrictions but the statewide mask mandates as well, though some local communities in Texas have said they will be enforcing local mandates. And there is movement afoot here in California that the mask mandate will also be lifted here as well but it's impact on you will depend on whether your local government has its own mask mandate which is not impacted by the Governor's orders to lift statewide measures. Newsome, who is facing a recall over his failed COVID policies, is under heavy pressure to lift both the social distancing and the mask mandates by people seeking to remove him from office.

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