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After President Biden made several false claims during a townhall in Wisconsin, CNN Factcheckers called him out on them.

A major factcheck came on the issue of immigration in which Biden claimed, falsely, that most illegal immigrants to the US were not Hispanic. But according to CNN's own sources, 77% of people in the US illegally actually are Hispanic and of those, 68% are Mexicans which on a side note disproves the claim that most illegals are not Mexican. Indeed, CNN said that 68% of illegal immigrants in the US are Mexicans and other Central Americans and that South Americans make up just 7% of the nation's illegals. Apparently the massive numbers of people coming here illegally from China must be in the remaining 2% with everyone else.

But then again, both CNN and Biden are both using the 11 million figure which no one has ever bothered to fact check, except for Whittier 360. In our own fact check of that number last year we found it to be both inaccurate and misleading because the number includes people who entered on a lawful visa originally as well as refugees who actually don't need permission to enter the US for safety purposes. The definition of illegal immigrant is someone who enters the US without permission via an unauthorized point of entry. US law, in point of fact, specifically exempts refugees from this requirement and they remained exempt until Obama and Trump both chose to pretend the law didn't exist. Apparently President Biden is also pretending the law that exempts refugees doesn't exist. The inclusion of refugees artificially inflates the number of illegals in the US pretty substantially, by at least 5 million or so. And as stated there is a problem with including the number of visa overstays in the total number of people who entered the US illegally. It does a great disservice and greatly increases unnecessary divisions to confound the two. They are two very different problems that require entirely different solutions. How many of those Hispanics that CNN and Biden are referring to actually entered the US on a visa that was perfectly legit at the time they entered? A visa overstay is not an illegal immigrant because they did not enter illegally. And therefore overstays should not be included in the numbers for actual illegal immigrants. Based on these two factors alone, the 11 million number might well be false and over inflated to scare people for political points and nefarious political ends such as the stereotyping of Hispanics. Neither CNN nor Biden actually know how many illegals are in the country. Much less they don't even know how illegals are Hispanic, Chinese or whatever, they are just pulling numbers out their rears.

However CNN addresses the visa overstays in the next paragraph but provides mixed numbers in doing so. If we exclude the overstays from the count, according to CNN stats. that means there are only 4,180,000 illegal immigrants in the US not the 11 million that CNN and Biden are citing. And what about the refugee numbers? Apparently no one is tracking those. So if you come here as a refugee you should expect to subjected harmful, offensive and false stereotypes. Apparently CNN does not care about refugees.

CNN can't get it straight here. First they say that 68% of "illegal immigrants" are visa overstays but then turn around a say that 60% of illegal immigrants came into the US illegal from an illegal point of entry. Which is it? Am I the only one who does not think it could be both at the same time? Surely it must be either one or the other or perhaps CNN and Biden are both just confused about an issue they know very little about?

CNN also fact checked the Biden on the issues of the COVID vaccine when the President told the Town Hall that prior to him being sworn in there was no COVID vaccine. Another issue was on refugee admissions when Biden claimed falsely that Trump had cut refugee admissions to less than 5,000 per year but in reality the former President actually set the limit at 15,000 per year.

CNN also called Biden out for misquoting Trump on the Proud Boys. Biden had apparently claimed that Trump called on the Proud Boys to "stand back, stand ready ready to attack the capital." The first part is true but the second half is blatantly false. In point of fact, President Trump never told the Proud Boys or anyone else for that matter to attack or otherwise engage in acts of violence at the national capital. During the debate in question, Trump who was responding to a question from Biden about condemning the Proud Boys said "Proud Boys stand back and stand by." He did not call on them to commit violence in this name.

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