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The Whittier Area COVID 19 data trending month now covers almost an entire month's of data for the Whittier Area and it shows that most communities in the Whittier Area are now experiencing significant increases in new daily COVID 19 cases.

The Whittier Area saw 196 new cases on November 18 2020 while the county saw over 2,000.

Pico Rivera returned to the Red alert zone from the Orange Zone because it had 38 new cases. The City Of Whittier returned to the Red alert zone after being in the Orange zone for only one day. The City of Whittier had 44 new cases on the 18th of November, the highest in the entire Whittier Area for the day.

Three communities moved to the Orange Alert zone. Hacienda Heights and La Habra were both previously in the Yellow zone. Santa Fe Springs saw the most of significant increase of the three. Santa Fe Springs had been in the Green zone for the last couple of weeks but yesterday skipped the Yellow Zone and went straight to the Orange Alert zone with 16 new cases in one day.

There were 3 new deaths connected to COVID 19 yesterday. They were in West Whittier, La Mirada, and Pico Rivera.

The communities with the top 10 highest number of new COVID 19 cases were:

  1. City of Whittier- 44 new cases

  2. City of Pico Rivera- 38 new cases

  3. City of La Habra- 29 new cases

  4. Unincorporated South Whittier- 18 new cases

  5. City of Santa Fe Springs- 16 new cases

  6. West Whittier and Hacienda Heights- 15 new cases each

  7. City of La Mirada- 13 new cases

  8. East La Mirada- 5 new cases

  9. Unincorporated East Whittier, Unincorporated North Whittier, and Unincorporated Avocado Heights- 2 new cases each.

The actually went down in the City of Industry.

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