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Contractor's Defamation Campaign Backfires, Victim Pursues Legal Action for Character Assassination

Pico Rivera, CA – October 3, 2023

In a concerning incident of online defamation, a local contractor has been accused of falsely labeling a Pico Rivera resident as a pedophile and a racist, following a series of negative reviews and a lost lawsuit.

The accused contractor, Corey Jerome Fisher, also known as Ash Catchem, the owner of Reliance Development and Construction Inc., took to the community platform Nextdoor to disseminate false claims about Ronnie P., the resident who had previously filed a lawsuit against him for unsatisfactory work and had given negative reviews to his company online.

Legal Actions Underway

Ronnie P. has notified the Pico Rivera Sheriffs regarding the defamatory posts, and will be contacting his legal representatives to pursue legal action against Fisher and Nextdoor for publishing his home address, thus endangering his family.

"Corey has once again provided all of the incriminating evidence needed to prevail in Civil Court," Ronnie P. shared, indicating a strong legal case against Fisher, who had already lost a court case filed by Ronnie for his poor services.

A Community App Turned Harmful

The local community members have responded with mixed feelings, some offering advice to Ronnie to preserve all the posts as evidence for his defamation and slander case. Others express concern about the malicious use of the Nextdoor app. "The neighborhood app is known to be a gossip and hate thy neighbor app," said Michael R., another resident.

Ronnie P. emphasized that this was not mere gossip. "I was being referred to as the worst life form on Earth! This is his stupidity getting him in deeper legal trouble," he stated, referring to Fisher's actions.

Nextdoor is often used to defame people and destroy their reputations. It has also been a source of a lot of false information about American history. People on the site have often used it to target those who refuse to support Anti America agendas and false narratives about individuals. While advocates have called it a platform for bringing people together it has often been a place for bullying and silencing and is accused of causing harm in many communities across the US.

Background Litigation

The defamation claims appear to have originated after Ronnie P. won a small claims court case against Corey Fisher. Ronnie also shared court documents showing a subpoena ordering Fisher to disclose his assets and a Contractors License Suspension Notice.

Ronnie P. says, "Thanks to those of you who listened to the truth. I will follow up and keep you all posted because I will get justice for making my neighbors look at me wrongfully."

As this case progresses, it serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of defamation and the misuse of community platforms for personal vendettas.

Police report filed by Ronnie P against Corey Fisher.

By Rebecca Canales, Founder and CEO of Whittier 360 News Network

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