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Correction to yesterday's Electoral College Map

Yesterday's predictive Electoral College erroneously showed Illinois as red. Whittier 360 is actually predicting that Biden will carry Illinois. That drops Trump down to 269, which means he is still predicted to win unless the the Biden campaign can win all of the remaining toss up states, including those that are leaning toward Trump but even then, they will merely tie him, not beat him.

In that case the election will move to the US Congress who will cast deciding vote on who the winner will be.

On the other hand, the US Constitution does no require that a state's electoral votes go only to the popular vote winner in those states. According to the Constitution those votes are actually advisory only as the Constitution vests exclusive power over the picking of delegates to the state legislatures. Via various state laws, most states have chosen to delegate this power to their voters and powers that are delegated can be taken back by those who delegated them. However, in states where the selection of delegates are written in the state constitution, it would be more difficult for the state legislature to pull off as they would first need to change their state constitution. Generally, in extraordinary times such as 2020, a state legislature may choose to ignore the popular vote advice. But due to provisions in a significant minority of state constitutions, that may be a little difficult as there is no time left for any states to change their local constitutions. California is among the states where the allocation of electoral college votes is dictated by the state constitution and cannot just be changed by the wave of legislative hands. It takes at least a year of negotiation and campaigning to change a state constitution. You can't do it within just 38 days.

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