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The foreign controlled media are reporting that Los Angeles County and the state of California are preparing to order hospitals to start rationing medical care as early as next week if necessary unless the number of daily new infections begins to decrease. The revelation comes as Whittier Area daily infections increased back up to 823 on Friday, December 18, 2020.

The Washington Post is running a headline that says that Califonia hospitals are "buckling" under the weight of COVID 19 and their article claims that over 16,000 people are currently hospitalized statewide for serious cases of COVID 19. The state and many counties have begun resorting to using tents in the parking lot and other make shift facilities such as warehouses, closed supermarkets, and even sports arenas as make shift shelters to house the increasing numbers of COVID 19 patients who are on the verge of death.

Most sources are saying that the biggest item that hospitals are running out of are personnel. Most medical professionals in California are working 6 days a week without significants breaks during that whole time in an effort to save as many people as possible from COVID 19 according to the LA Times.

The Washington Post quoted a medical physician at UCLA Medical Center who told them that ambulances are left to wait with incoming patients for as much as 12 hours until a spot can be opened up for the new arrival. Several counties have issued emergency orders banning ambulances from redirecting incoming patients to other medical facilities.

Many facilities are trying to lure medical professionals from out of state, in some cases the state steps to help poach other state's medical professionals. There has even been talking about mobilizing the National Guard which has its own medical units to assist the exhausted medical professionals are beginning to bend under the weight of exhaustion and stress of not being able to save everyone they want to save and with conspiracy theorists making wild eyed, foaming at the mouth accusations about them, theories that originated in places like Russia, China, and Iran and are designed to rip America apart.

If the numbers don't start dropping soon, California doctors will have to start making some regrettable but very necessary decisions about who is worth saving and who is not. Under an emergency order from Governor Newsome, the elderly for example will be left to die and all COVID treatments will go toward younger patients, depending on the medical facility and the community that facility is located in is doing with regards to the virus. Also left to die will be those who are not responding to any of the treatments given them as the lack of response will force the facility to redirect the treatment resources to someone else who is more likely to respond favorably to them.

One person we spoke to said the Whittier Area could see close to 700 deaths by the end of January. Our own algorithm is predicting 608 deaths in the Whittier Area because of the current surge.

Medical care rationing if ordered by the state would require a method of care that many California medical professionals are not used to and that some may not be able to stomach because as noted previously it would require spending less time with some patients which will cause an increase deaths but is designed to save more people by focusing only those who will actually be helped by the treatments and other resources being spent on them. If that happens, one hopes that if local medical facilities are having to do that, they would have the courtesy to inform the affected families so they can say their goodbyes if need be. That would be the humanitarian thing to do for those patients who cannot be saved.

The LA County Health Department said the issue is not physical supplies but the lack of personnel to relieve those currently on the front lines. As noted earlier most medical staff in LA County are working over time with very little in the way of breaks or time off to recuperate and the LA Times is reporting that many facilities are cancelling vacations for all of their staff for the next month or so.

As the problem worsens there appears to be no relief in site for those on the front line of the crises. However there may be some but it depends on politics because it would require politicians, the Governor and the President to activate and deploy the medical divisions of the National Guard and Active Military Forces to serve as backup to the civilian medical professionals, assuming those personnel are not already serving on the front lines in a civilian capacity. If this is done, the reinforcements could be sent to the locations they are most needed. It would also require bringing back to active duty retired and discharged veterans who worked in the medical field during their years of service, unless those veterans are already working on the frontlines. The military could also be used to build field hospitals for increasing numbers of patients.

Regrettably, politics are likely to get in the way of such as strategy as the President is totally and irrationally obsessed with his loss this year and is focused exclusively on that, which means Americans are being left to suffer and die because that nation's current leader is unable to let go of vendettas. The governor deploying the National Guard is probably the more realistic option here even though Newsome is not that popular currently and is actually the subject of recall efforts, he remains California's best hope for getting a handle on the pandemic if he acts before it becomes too late.

Another option is to issue a temporary declaration of emergency which would include a form of narrowly tailored martial law, which constitutionally can not last more than 90 days, after which it could not be extended unless there was legislative or congressional approval. However that option is not being considered by anyone because of the deep political divisions in this country and the high amount that Americans have toward each other. That lack of trust and confidence is the primary obstacle preventing American from getting a hold on the virus at this time. Some polls showed that high numbers of Americans don't trust what health officials are saying about the virus. The same polls also showed the same Americans were highly susceptible to disinformation campaigns out by hostile foreign agents working for hostile powers such as Russia, China, Iran and other foreign governments hostile toward Americans. Indeed, some claims that are being promoted on social media such as that US medical professionals are lying about the number of COVID caused deaths actually originated in Moscow with the Russian Intelligence Services which currently involved in an operation to under cut and harm the effectiveness of US medical personnel according to sources in the CIA and FBI.

Until the government is able to take decisive action and the vaccines become more widespread, the only option left for Americans and other locals is to pray to their God. There are no other options available at this time.

The daily new infections:

  1. City of Whittier-295 new infections with a positivity ratio of 17.75%

  2. Pico Rivera- 148 new infections with a positivity ratio of 21.68%

  3. South Whittier- 133 new infections with a positivity ratio of 20.91%

  4. Hacienda Heights- 74 new infections with a positivity ratio of 15.14%

  5. La Habra - 63 new infections with a positivity ratio of 9.89%

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