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As the nation's president sat in the hospital COVID 19, the number of people infected with COVID 19 climbed in the Whittier Area and the rest of the nation with New York now saying they will reimpose draconian lockdowns that are sure to return to California in the coming weeks while people across abandon all precautions.

Locally the top four communties with the highest number of new COVID 19 cases were:

  1. South Whittier - 20 new cases as of last night.

  2. City of Whittier- 17 new cases as of last night

  3. Pico Rivera - 14 new cases as of last night

  4. La Habra- 11 new cases as of last night

All together the number of new cases increased to 38 in one day yesterday. Last week it was less than 15.

At this rate, as much as no one wants to cancel Halloween, locals may have to do just that unless start becoming vigilant again and go back to wearing masks and practicing physical distancing of at least 12 feet.

In the communities bordering the Whittier Area, the increase in new cases yesterday was grimmer. There were 31 new cases in Downey and 23 new cases in La Puente. Montebello had 20 new cases and Norwalk had 20. All together, 111 new COVID 19 cases appeared at the gates of Whittier yesterday and that number cause grave concern for those who are keeping watch.

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