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The number of new cases has declined slightly in the Whittier Area. The top 5 communities with the highest number of new cases are:

  1. South Whittier- 16

  2. Pico Rivera - 15

  3. City of Whittier - 11

  4. West Whittier/Los Nietos- 10

  5. Hacienda Heights (known as North Whittier Heights until 1968) - 8

The only death today was in La Mirada. There was only one death.

For the core region of the Whittier Area there were 55 new cases today and no deaths. The core region of the Whittier Area consists of the City of Whittier, West Whittier/Los Nietos, South Whittier, North Whittier, Rose Hills/Spyglass Hill, East Whittier, the northern part of the City of Santa Fe Springs, and Hacienda Heights.

In the remainder of the Whittier Area there were 22 new COVID 19 sick cases and 1 death today.

The total for the entire Whittier Area for today was 77 new cases and 1 death.

The totals for the year for all of the Whittier Area are:

12,944 cases for the entire year or an average of 1,618 new cases per month

280 deaths for the entire year or 35 average deaths per month

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