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According to several eyewitness accounts, California's Democratic Senator and current VP candidate, Kamala Harris was part of a business venture with the government of the People's Republic of China in which Harris had promised to allow Chinese censorship onto social media platforms in the US and to assist in curtailing speech critical of China.

The deal being made between the Chinese government and the Biden family included Kamala Harris as a key contact for the purposes of political influence and assisting efforts to influence American election the witness to the events, Tony Bobulinski said.

Under the agreement, the Bidens and other top Democrats said they would allow Chinese involvement in US elections in exchange for monetary payments into their campaign accounts.

While the Bidens were looking at doing what they could to get commercial foothold in China at all costs, the Chinese were intent on using their new connection to influence and undermine the US political system.

Another witness said, "“The Biden family aggressively leveraged the Biden family name to make millions of dollars from foreign entities intent on influencing elections and policy in the US. Most of those ventures were with the Chinese government."

The US is currently caught up in world wide trade war with China and any effort by an US political leaders to help China gain influence over US elections would be an act of treason which is defined by the US Constitution as "aiding and abetting enemies of the United States of America."

While much of the public's focus has been kept on foreign influence operations from Iran and Russia, the media and politicians have ignored or downplayed the threat posed by Chinese operations which primarily benefit Democratic Party candidates. The Russians for their part are trying to keep Trump in power and the Iranians are trying to provoke a violent response to the election results regardless of who wins. The Iranians' main goals are primarily to get Americans to fight each other in order to get the US to move its forces out of the Middle East so Iran can march in and annex vast swaths of territory while the US is distracted by prolonged political violence at home that was instigated by Iranian foreign agents operating on US soil to undermine the US election process. Earlier this week, the FBI revealed that emails sent to Democrats that had threatened violence against them actually came from Iran.

The new information comes in light of new poll that shows that 77% of Americans are actually confident that the transfer of power between Trump and Biden will be peaceful if either candidate wins but a majority, 69% said they were concerned about violence between supporters of the two candidates and wanted them to do more to address the issue.

So far both candidates have refused to directly address the issue of political violence in the US. The campaigns of the two VP candidates refused to say what they would do and instead just pointed their fingers at the other side.

The willingness of candidates up and down the ticket to condemn political violence is likely to have an impact on the percentage of Americans who consider the election to be legitimate according to sources. So far, candidates in both parties are failing that test.

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