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Many of the tactics being proposed by extremist left wingers is likely to backfire on them according to experts.

One thing the left is ignoring when mentioning the McConnell precedent is that during the Merrick Garland situation the Republicans were the Senate majority which is the same status they enjoy currently. According to the precedent set by the Democrats prior to and during the Obama administration, the majority is free to ignore the wishes of the minority.

Some Democratic Party Senators have said they will not meet with Trump's nominee but that will not prevent her from being confirmed as the Democrat's don't have much leverage considering they first abolished the filibuster for judicial nominees during the Obama administration to block a then Republican minority from blocking a number of Obama's judicial nominees. In retaliation the Republicans abolished the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees as soon as they gained the majority. Interestingly, it is now the Democrat's threatening to retaliate when they take over the majority. Hence the cycle of retaliation and counter retaliation continues and nothing changes.

Though there are calls for Democrats to boycott the hearings, there is little appetite or intention to do so from those who actually sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee, including the Democratic Party's vice presidential candidate, Kamala Harris. Harris has refused to sign onto an effort to refuse a courtesy meeting with Trump's nominee.

Democratic Senator Blumenthall said that a boycott would just allow the Republicans to pass the nomination in a matter of hours rather than the weeks it would normally take when the minority shows up and actually challenges the nominee.

Senator Harris has been the preeminent Democratic interrogator of Trump nominees and the boycott or even refusing to meet with the nominee would prevent her from carrying out that role.

Trump's nominee, Amy Barrett, said during President Trump's announcement of her nomination that she would interpret the Constitution strictly as it was written not according to what she wished it said.

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